How Ayala Land Manage their Real Estate Projects and Business Portfolio

A noble and successful business portfolio does not happen overnight. This has to be coupled with faith, determination and perseverance to make it a sweet realty. Here is an inspiring business chronicle of Ayala Land Corporation, and how it was able to transform itself into a colossal business empire in the competitive arena of real estate development.


Ayala Land was founded by Domingo Roxas and Antonio de Ayala during the Spanish Era. From then on, it had become as the Philippines’ most antiquated and biggest conglomerate. The company’s impressive and untainted business portfolio include several economic interests like real estate, retail education, banking, telecommunications, water infrastructure, renewable energy and even information technology to name a few.

As of November 2015, this company had been proudly adjudged as the biggest corporation in in the Philippines when we generally speak of their accumulated assets which had been estimated at $48.78 billion.

Brief Business Portfolio

Ayala Land Corporation was established in the year 1834, through the unexpected formation of a notable distillery which was then named as Casa Roxas. This was the end result of a formidable business partnership and chemistry between Domingo Roxas and Antonio de Ayala. During the latter part of the 19th century, Ayala joined the construction industry of the Puente de Ayala in Manila. His business notoriety all began when he built the first-ever still bridge in the Philippines in 1888.

In 2010, Ayala Land Corporation was given a very promising distinction as the “Best Managed Company in the Philippines.”

How Ayala Land Manage their Real Estate Projects and Business Portfolio

Ayala Land has proudly catapulted itself to where it is now because of its pioneering visions to become a visionary developer which transforms millions of lives to enjoy enormous and rewarding benefits of decent and a comfortable way of living.  All these years, the company has mainly focused itself in making high-end real estate projects, whether for its central business districts, commercial related buildings and exclusive residential properties which are mostly situated in Alabang in Muntinlupa City as well as Makati City.

Project expansions have also motivated the Ayalas in building middle-income housing units and communities after the momentous establishment of the Laguna Property Holdings Incorporated. Remarkably, Ayala Land had acquired the 400-hectare property of the Yulo’s in no time after several business negotiations. After which, the Ayala firm has magically converted it into an integrated industrial-residential commercial and a master planned development property.

With the immeasurable and unprecedented successes of these projects, Ayala Land had greatly helped the Laguna Property Holdings Incorporated to fulfil the visions of Enhancing Land, Enhancing Lives for More People.  Likewise, Ayala Land Corporation is geared towards building sustainable communities with exceptional products and services that spell SUCCESS for Filipinos. To make this possible, they have integrated the primal need for deep consumer insights. Ultimately, enriching the lives of millions is their motivating factor as to why they had become a guru in real estate development then and now.

You can check some of the real estate projects in

Ayala Land Corporation deeply values the importance of integrity, long term vision and a kind of leadership that is universally empowering in its most unique ways. Similarly, their brilliant foresights and unquestionable prudence have made this company become more than just a word-class firm that is not governed by ulterior motives but a set of selfless attitudes and principles in the service of the Filipino nation to achieve a true and lasting national progress and development without reservations.

ET Global Business Summit: PM Modi and his belief on the Power of Speed for Making Changes

Speed is an essential thing to push through different changes. This is one thing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes to be effective in implementing regulatory framework, stability on taxes and infrastructure developments. It is essential to make economy boost from its current state and increase ten times of its actual number. This is the idea of PM Modi which he believes speed will always matter.

Ideally, foreseen development may also result to more jobs according to Modi. He even said that the changes on the government rules or laws, system on the reform tax and target subsidies for those who needs it most are very important. He has this belief that it may possibly result into a well-streamlined economy and improved situation of the country.

Prime Minister Modi has also given emphasis on the changes for the multiple clearances that are serving as the reason for unstable investment. With the country’s complex tax system, he is even clearly asking for reform which has to be initiated. Prime Minister Modi even showed his ruling ideas by telling these meaningful words for everyone “I will push through change at a fast pace. You will appreciate this in times to come”. He mentioned these words while addressing the Economic Times Global Business Summit.

The prime Minister even believed on the power of speed for he has a sensitive understanding that maintaining all improvements within the country governance is a process that must be simultaneously kept. It is even powered with the voice and words of Modi that the rule and process within the government have to change and they were not into specifically for the needs. The speed of taking strategy to resolve problems are what Modi wants to stress out. This is to resolve issues in a fast phase and make the development visible through the rules.

Seeing a little improvement on the government has pushed Modi and his belief that further development of the New India’s overall country is already set on its way. With his leadership and great rules that can be changed over the time, it has to be changed to be effective on giving support on the idea that development is not that far impossible to achieve. With this strong belief of Modi, he has this view of seeing India for its continuous growth in the future.

Prime Minister Modi generally believes that he and the whole people in the government should help each other to bring growth and solve problems experienced by the country. It is even the solution to restore the moment of growth which can really be a challenging process. Furthermore, it is even hard work that serves as a vital thing to repair all damages to sustain a better outcome. Both hard work and speed, when goes hand in hand, may surely solve the current economy issues that the country are trying to overcome. That’s how Modi sees it!

Project Management in Creating a New Toilet Model

Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1GWhen a customer goes out to the store to look for their new toilet, they do not really care about what goes into the making of a toilet. They will generally look for specific and desirable traits, with special care to look for things like energy efficiency to save water or style and comfort. Customers do not really pay any attention to the long process that it takes to make that toilet the perfect one for their home. This process through project management is one that a business owner like you would appreciate.

Toilets are not just where people do their business but is also a stylish piece to help add to the overall design of the bathroom. The model and the type of toilet that a company decides to create is part of a long and intricate process that aims to utilize the best technologies available and the best design features. The science of creating a toilet is not as simple as you may think. A variety of fields must work together to be successful. Physics is required to help with the optimization of flow and with fluid dynamics. After this, there is a need for chemistry and materials sciences to help understand what makes the clay that is used to create the toilet, which is crucial to the manufacturing process. There is also the need for statistics for analysis. Each of the various pieces of the toilet need to work together, so a statistical analysis will be done on the geometry and the engineering of the toilet to make sure that it will be reliable and work exactly as it was intended to. There is also a need for environmental scientists to help make sure that there is water efficiency in the toilet. Biologists are an unexpected but necessary tool in toilet creation because they can help create antimicrobial agents for the glaze on the toilet.

toto-ultramax-2There are always improvements that can be made on these products, which is why companies are continually using an approach to innovation that focuses on the needs of the customers. For instance, take a look at the changes between the Toto Ultramax and the Toto Ultramax II. Both share the same sleek exterior look that is classic of the brand. Both models are quiet thanks to the Toto technologies. There are a few improvements on the new models. One is the use of a double cyclone flushing technology that promises a more powerful flush. Another new feature revolves around water saving features for high water efficiency, in this case around 1.28 GPF / 4.8 LPF.

There are a lot of different types of people that need to come together in order to get the right design and manufacturing to create the best possible toilet. You may not have realized the amount of people that are required to work together in the project management of creating American Standard toilet. It is a science that needs to be executed in just the right way to make sure everything works together as intended.